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A lot goes into engineering the perfect low-code development platform. Get the details firsthand from the obsessive craftsmen who do it for a living, along with tips and tricks for making your own low-code projects as smooth as butter.


Building Your Product With Your Customers

Ever wonder what it's like to break apart and rebuild an IDE? Here's a hint: you'll be a lot more successful if you include your users in the process. Read on to see how we made development even faster.

A Container For Your App, My Dear!

Our customers had spoken. So had the analysts. Container support had to be part of the latest OutSystems platform release. In this blog post, meet the team and learn the details - both human and technical - that made container support possible in OutSystems 11.

No More Horror Stories: How to Publish Apps in Stores

Everyone loves a good horror story now and again. But, when it comes to publishing apps in the app stores, the goal is not a tale of terror and destruction. This article has advice on how to make sure your app lives happily ever after in Google Play and the App Store.