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Call for Mac Developers: Introducing OutSystems For Mac

We’re excited to announce the new Service Studio for Mac. Now, OutSystems offers a true cross-platform Service Studio that gives Mac users the same frictionless and seamless development experience until now exclusive to PC users. Check out what's new right here.

Crushing Technical Debt with OutSystems, Part 1: Visual Merge and Debugger

In this blog series, we'll show you how OutSystems can help you reduce technical debt and make it easier to "pay back" your debt at a later time. In this first episode, we present you with Visual Merge and Debugger.

How Can a UX Engineer Help a Design System Team

When he moved from front-end to UX engineering, José Rosário was often asked about his role. Here, he answers those questions and explains how he helped create the OutSystems Product Design System.