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5 Tips for a Successful Design Handoff

The interaction between designers and developers isn’t always the smoothest, which can make the whole design handoff a bit smudgy. In this blog post, UX expert João Guerra gives you 5 tips to make designers and developers a group of happy campers.

Democratizing Development: A Conversation with Jesse Showalter

In the latest episode of Decoded podcast, UX/UI designer Jesse Showalter joins host Sydney Lai to talk about the tools putting power into the hands of developers. Check it out!

How to Integrate a Video Calling Service Into Your Apps

Looking to add video calling capabilities to your applications? In this blog post, we'll show you how to do that without building it from scratch with a little help from Amazon Kinesis. Take a look!

Ideation of an IDE: Making Better UX Decisions When Racing Against Time

When tackling a massive migration project, how do you make better UX decisions to win the race against time? Product Designer at OutSystems, Natalia Blaszczyk Alves, shares the team's lessons learned on the path to the new Service Studio.

Going at It Alone, Together: A Conversation with Indie Hackers’ Cortland Allen

In this blog post, the incomparable Courtland Allen of Indie Hackers talks with host Sydney Lai about how to take a side project from supporting role to main act. Check it out!

A Sleek Application Architecture for Life, the Universe, and Everything

Beautiful application architecture can have considerable benefits for an organization. However, architecture debt, often referred to as design debt, can also be the leading cause of technical debt. In this blog post, Mike Josephson, Lead Solution Architect, provide insights into how OutSystems approaches application design, provides rules to ensure a sleek architecture, and makes available tools that simplify the overall architecture management.